Cookies are an essential aspect of the internet. They’re used to store your preferences and track your activity on a website, and they’re needed for many different functions across the web from social media to advertising. Yet most Android users don’t know how to enable cookies, which makes navigating the internet difficult! Luckily, now you can learn how to enable cookies on android in just 5 simple steps, below!

What are Cookies?

Cookies are small files saved on your device by websites you visit. Cookies allow websites to remember who you are, how often you visit, and what you liked on the website. This allows sites to personalize the visit and provide better service.

Why do Cookies Work on Android Devices?

Cookies work on Android devices because they need to be sent and received over a secure connection. This is not feasible without the use of HTTPS, which is enabled by default in Android. To change this setting so that cookies are allowed on your device, follow the steps below

How to Enable Cookies on Your Android

On Android devices, cookies are stored in a file called “HTML5 Local Storage”. To enable this option you need to turn it on. This setting can be found in the following menu: Settings -> Apps -> Browser app -> Configure HTML5 Local Storage

What Happens When You Kill Your Cookies?

When you disable cookies on your Android, the following may happen:
1) Some websites might not work properly or at all
2) Certain features and services of apps you use may not work properly
3) You will not be able to access your saved browsing history or saved passwords in a number of browsers
4) You may not be able to complete some tasks on certain apps

Disabling Cookies in Firefox OS

Cookies are an essential part of a website. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to log in to our accounts or remember what we’ve been doing when browsing websites. But, not all mobile platforms allow you to enable cookies on their browsers. In this article, I’ll teach you how to enable cookies on your Firefox OS phone for maximum web browsing efficiency!


It is important to remember that cookies make the web much more enjoyable. This is because they allow you to be logged in, store your preferences and make it easier for you to navigate through websites. If you want to enable cookies on your Android device, there are a few easy steps: