Want to troubleshoot a problem with your window AC? Want to buy a new one for your house? Or is your electricity bill increasing? So you’re trying to determine how your window air conditioners work?

Knowing the principles of an air conditioning system can save you time and money hiring a heating and air conditioning service – every time, for every single problem.

This article explains how a window AC works, along with some tips to improve the efficiency of your window AC system. Before that, let’s first introduce different parts of an AC system.

Window Air Conditioner Parts

When you’re trying to figure out how window AC works, you need to be familiar with different parts of this device.

All these parts are very important for functioning the AC properly to have a better output. The basic list of window air conditioners includes:

  1. Blower and fan
  2. Evaporator coils
  3. Filter
  4. Expansion valve
  5. Compressor
  6. Condenser coils
  7. Chemical refrigerant
  8. Thermostat

How Do Window Air Conditioners Work?

Window air conditioners use two types of air cycles – the room air cycle and the hot air cycle.

In these different types, one evaporates the air, and the other condenses the air.

So, let’s get to know them in detail.

Room Air Cycle

The window air conditioner helps to circulate the air. Therefore, the AC helps air move inside the room.

Once you switch on the AC, the blower and compressor start. Eventually, the temperature drops for the cooling coil as the compressor starts working.

The dust particles and warm air is pilled through the blower and sent to the air filter. The air filter separates the harmful particles of the room.

Then the air moves onto the cooling coil, where the air conditioner uses two types of processes:

  1. Absorbs the air: The cooling coil has a lower temperature than room temperature, which causes absorbing the air. Finally, the room turns out to be cool.
  2. Forms dew on the cooling coil: The cooling coil has a lower temperature than the dew point, which forms condensation. Finally, the humidity values tend to drop.

Next, the blower cause to suck the low humidity and temperature, and eventually, it moves to the metal duct at a high velocity.

The warm air pushes itself out through the front panel and cools down the room. However, the process doesn’t stop here.

These processes cause a lot of moisture and changes in the temperature. Thereby, the blower takes in the air again to repeat the cycle.

Hot Air Cycle

The hot air cycle is an important step for the window air conditioner as the room air cycle. This process condenses the air.

The condenser stays outside of a room on the outer part of the atmosphere. It uses the propeller fan to change the high to low temperature through the condenser.

In the condenser, the refrigerant stays at a high temperature which requires cooling. However, the temperature of the atmosphere is warmer than the room.

When the condenser absorbs the heat, the atmospheric temperature tends to be higher than usual.

You will realize the warm temperature if you ever try standing out of the window air conditioner. Therefore, the name of “the hot air cycle” arises through these processes.

When the condenser cools the temperature, the cool air passes to the expansion valve to the evaporator and then the cooling coil.

Finally, the atmospheric and room temperature blend and move to the condenser, or the processes of the hot air cycle repeat.

3 Ways to Increase Window Air Conditioner Efficiency

There are many ways through which you can help your window air conditioner to process better. However, the 3 ways to increase window air conditioner’s efficiency:

1.   Clean Your Filters

It is very easy to clean your filters regularly. However, you always find out a way to skip this step.

It is necessary to clean the filters because dust, pollen, and dirt get stuck on the filters. Therefore, if the filter is unclean, the window ac will stop working.

2.   Clean Your Coils

The coils attract dirt and dust particles other than moving air in and out.

Therefore, you can use a damp cloth to clean the surface that can be seen and a toothbrush to clean the coils to remove the toxic particles.

3.   Level Your Air Conditioner

It is very important to level your window air conditioner to stop condensation. If a window air conditioner can’t drain out the dewy moisture properly, the efficiency will get affected.

Therefore, it would be best to check the levelling so the water molecules won’t get stuck, stopping the AC from working properly.

Final Words

It is very easy to figure out how to do a window air conditioner works. It is also easy and inexpensive to install a window ac.

Additionally, the cost of window AC’s is reducing as people are increasingly interested in purchasing them.

Also, many companies provide different services for household chores, from ac servicing to cleaning. If you need help, you can also hire people to install and clean your ac.